The Master Bedroom

Maybe I should change that poster to I Love This Room because I do...ever so much.  I love that the night stands are chairs because we ran out of other places to put chairs, I love the gold leather pillows I made (they sat unsold in the shop for months, so I just decided to keep them), and I  LOVE how light it is in here.  It makes it so much easier to get up in the morning, and when you do, you feel like you're in a magazine or the morning after in a movie.
I love my giant windows. I love my plant (I bought it in 2003, and it hasn't died!). I love my chain light.
And I love our lamps.  LOVE.  See, They're just normal globe light covers....you know, the kind that hook on with screws?  Except they look like Nelson bubble lamps.  So when I saw them at the thrift store for $1.50 each, I had to buy them even though I had no way of attaching them to my ceiling lights.  Instead I bought a couple of these lamps from IKEA and glued the bases to my globes.

Ok, moving on to the other side of the room....
Hah, just kidding.  This is what it USED to look like.  Dirty bandaid much?
Here's what we have now.

The "Lovers" drawing is by Brian Kershisnik, and I love it, but I don't love that it's in the bedroom.  It fit here better than anywhere else, so it's fine, but I sort of hate it when people put romantic art in master bedrooms.  I mean, we know that's what's goin' on in there...you don't have to put it on the wall. But it's growing on me.
The blue thing is some hand-marbleized paper I've been carrying around for ages---one of those "it's too precious to use for anything but the most special of projects" things where the special projects never exist.  I figured I might as well appreciate it on the wall instead of hiding it in a box.  The gold leather-scrap triangles are an installation I planned on doing much more of, but holy cow...I got so bored taping them up there that I stopped at this point. Maybe later?
Now, can we talk about this dresser for a second (and ignore the mom brain that caused me to not notice the random junk underneath it before I took pictures)? It was a Craigslist find that needed a lot of work.  I try not to think about all the lead that was probably in the paint I sanded off of this thing.  It was worth it...now it's one of my favorite pieces of furniture.  We couldn't find drawer pulls that we liked or that looked right, so we made these out of square dowels.  Just sanded them a little and screwed them on.  Much better than the flower power pulls that were on there before, let me tell you.

The art above the dresser was actually a teeny picture I cut out of a magazine years ago and blew up at some point.  I wish I could remember which magazine, and I wish I knew anything about it.
Any ideas?
Now this makes me happy because it makes no sense (also the mom brain strikes again because I didn't notice that weird ribbon thing hanging off the shelf).  It has a clock with funky numbers, it's painfully asymmetrical (which I love), and it has our "solution" to our lack of book storage.


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  1. yes!
    so light and airy.
    love it, too.

  2. Annie, your bedroom is lovely! We totally need to paint, we haven't painted since we moved in. I hate painting, our walls are pretty much the ugly bandaid color. One of these days after this baby is born maybe we will finally get around to painting.
    P.S. I have the top of a baby quilt done, I just need to get it on the back and quilt it.

  3. simply blythe...thanks!

    aim....the only reason we got the painting done is because my dad basically did it all for us. he loves house projects...especially painting. and he was all done in his house, so we let him loose in ours. :)

  4. Amazing! although that clock would make me crazy! It seems to fit in perfectly. I mean that in a good way!

  5. I had a giggling fit when you mentioned the chairs for nightstands because you ran out of places to put chairs.

    Beautiful makeover.

  6. The dresser is amazing. That dirty bandaid color was not. Great makeover!

  7. WOW it does look AMAZING...definitely straight out of a magazine, good job on it!!! I love the gold pillows too :)

  8. our "lovers" print is hanging in our living room and a few really uncouth people have made some dumb comment about it being gross (how old are we??) that we have people kissing in our living room. (which reminds me, i have a postcard of a picasso sketch of a nude girl and someone said "i see you have your self portrait there"... maybe i need new friends? the same guy made comments about both prints, hahaha) and i was offended! so i almost put it in our bedroom but i want other people to enjoy it too. but at the same time it's a gift from robbie so i kinda want us to just enjoy it but i don't know. anyway, i'm glad i'm not the only one with this problem.

    wow. long comment. but i also LOVE your room! yay for white walls.

  9. Very impressed. It looks amazing.

  10. I hope you don't mind me gushing, for just a moment, about this room. The bright white = gorgeous. Now I'm thinking about repainting my room. Except, no. I love the color of my room too. The dresser? My jealousy runneth over. I've been searching Craigslist for something similar for ages but, no dice. The chairs, the lights, the gold pillows (please make some for me) I LOVE IT ALL!

  11. ANNIE! I'm totally behind the game on this one, but do you have Pinterest? Because I just pinned your house. Because it's AMAZING. I love your bedroom walls and dresser nook, kissy painting and all. :)