Share the Love: A Craft

There is a big difference between being creative and being creative AND crafty. I think it's an ideas vs. execution thing.  Alison (of the Alison Show) is crafty (great ideas, great execution).  I can sometimes fool celebrities like Alison into thinking I'm crafty too so they ask me to participate in Valentine's Day crafting/blogging activities like Share the Love.
Point is, I'm lucky my aesthetic lends itself well to simple, simple, simple projects. This keeps my aspirations from outrunning my skills, most of the time.  So, let's get on with my contribution to Alison's roundup. Presenting....the Love Note Door Hanger!!!! (Or Luuurve Note Door Hanger, if that's how you do V-Day.)
 As soon as the Christmas tree is down, my mom hangs a heart ornament of some kind on almost every door knob in the house. I also wanted to do a sort of advent thingy where I put a little note or treat* out for each member of my family each day until the 14th.  So I put those two ideas together, then I put two pieces of leather together, and there you have it...the perfect (soft, leathery, rustic but modern) thing to hold love in.

Wanna make one too? You can. It's easy...I promise.  If you use leather,** be sure to use a leather needle and a walking foot on your machine. But it would be really cool with thick wool felt too.
So just cut out two hearts (you can free hand it...be brave!) and sew them together, leaving the top open, obviously. I found the stitching had to go part way up the curve or there was unsightly gaping. I hope someone googles "unsightly gaping" and ends up at my blog.

Leave you threads long at the beginning and end so you can tie them together to hang.
Then write something sweet (or salty) and leave it for your love to find on their door in the morning.

*I have to recommend getting some Taza chocolate to put in it.  I mean, I guess you could put any kind of treat in there, but I've found that the key to happiness is Taza's (stone-ground and therefore slightly, perfectly gritty) salt and pepper chocolate.  It's everything good about salted chocolate plus a kick that just makes me want to cry. I know I'm emotional about chocolate, but this is objectively incredible.

**Leather stores sell scraps, did you know?  So don't feel like leather is out of reach. You can buy small pieces for cheap. And you'll feel like a cowboy.


  1. i love it Annie. such a sweet idea to share with your family. totally going to have to make one.


  2. i don't know, mer...it might be a little above your skill level....it's pretty complicated. i wouldn't want you to get discouraged and give up. *big wink* :)

  3. I agree that it is a sweet idea too. I hope I do it. I like your blogs new look and enjoyed your bio loads.

  4. So adorbs! I love the heart, the leather, the chocolate, the note, and all of it together. It was SO fun meeting you and crafting with you the other night! Let's stay friends.


  5. haha, annie, i totally understand the crafty vs. creativity thing! i love thinking of ideas but only rarely follow them through! i think it's a problem... but i love your simple crafts. they are minimal and easy to execute. both of which i love.
    also, i just gave you a silly little award on my blog in honor of valentine's day. check it out: http://sarahsavageinteriordesign.blogspot.com/

  6. Seriously gorgeous! I featured it on my blog today, I hope you don't mind!