Make It: Brock Davis

Hey there.  Remember me?  I'm still here.  Well, not HERE here, obviously, since I haven't posted in a million years.  And I'm sorry for that.

I've been thinking about art a lot lately.  Since I don't have any formal training in that area, I missed the chance in college to grapple with ideas about what art is and what exactly I have to contribute, visually, to the world (I was busy studying words and language and commas and apostrophes).  So I have to do it on my own now...especially as I gear up to teach a bunch of little kids about creativity.
Basically, I've been spending a lot of time marveling at the work of very talented people.

Like this guy...Brock Davis. Go browse all his stuff...you will feel good if you do.  My favorite are his historic explosions in cauliflower....I mean...what?  SO COOL.
You might have seen his shoe bumper sticker picture around the web.
And his series, Make Something Cool Every Day: 2009 blows my mind. He has some hilarious shirt designs too.

What's your favorite?