My Life in Costumes

This post is dedicated to my mother.  She spent years executing costumes for kids without the aid of Pinterest, and she had no blog or Instagram to show them off when she was done. So I'm gonna do it for her.
 This one is a classic in my family. A two-month-old clown (that's a pillow) with roller skate booties? Brilliant. The yawn was all my idea.
 Duck! This one is so cute I want to pinch my own baby thighs. (FYI, we have many pictures of me on tables and chairs because it was the only way to keep me from running away while my mom tried to take my picture...again, brilliant.  Maybe dangerous...but brilliant.)
Blonde Asian. My guess is that I broke that fan before the night was over.
 Here we have the start of the sweatsuit years. Warm and practical and easy...but still.  This one is pretty cute, but then there was the star year (yellow sweatsuit) and the siamese twins year (matching blue sweatsuit with my best friend). Someone needed to invent the Internet.
 Then we get into the independent middle school years. Obviously my minimalism started early, and I decided to dress all in black and be a shadow.  The mask and hat were added to make it look like a costume. The name tag was added so at least someone would know what I was dressed as.  Not my best moment.
This. This costume was my all-time favorite. I wore it every year from 7th grade till the end of high school, and I'd probably still be wearing it if my mom hadn't given it to Goodwill in a fit of craziness (I called her to see if she'd send it to me TWO DAYS after she'd donated it...ugh). The thing about this costume is she made it.  She cut each of those letters out of felt, and it's all to scale.  I watched her meticulously measure each part of the Skittles package (tropical was my favorite flavor...hence the light blue), and I knew she loved me.

So good work, mom! Now the world wide web has seen your hard work. I hope my kids can forgive me for buying their costumes this year.  (Crazy mom guilt peaks at holidays.)


  1. oh man, so good. so, so good. i should do a post like this! my mom USUALLY made our costumes, even if those were just white shirts and black pants with fake blood dripping out of our mouths and those plastic vampire teeth that cut our gums. when i was 10 I was an "overworked office woman" in a bad wig and thrifted jumpsuit. totally my idea.

    freakin' love the clown and the skittles especially.

  2. this is beyond amazing & so is your mom. the yawn- brilliant you

  3. Your mum is amazing! I love the baby one best.

  4. Crap man, this post is AWESOME. The baby clown with the roller skates? I want that costume. And you are cracking me up w/ your minimalist costume. Your mom was obviously totally rad like you.

  5. Shadow??!!? hahaaaa. that one got me laughing.

    i was also a duck once, you nailed that yawn at the beginning, and your mom is great. most moms are (store bought or not.)

  6. oh my... LOVE the Shadow costume. Oh, Annie... haha. Love this post!!

  7. I love a good handmade Halloween costume. Skittles is my fav!

  8. I came back to read this AGAIN tonight because it made me so happy.

    1. and that makes ME happy! my mom told me she sent it to a few of her friends because she thought it was so nice. haha, old people and the internet. :)