Well, that was an epic break! There are two parts to the explanation. First, I now write the Freshly Picked blog. And second, when I'm not doing that, I'm taking pictures with my phone. It's a bit of an addiction.
I spent December NOT finishing a giant cross stitch and NOT taking pictures of snow. Wait, no, I took TONS of pictures of snow.
In January, my grandpa died. There's no way to make that light and casual. He was a wonderful, kind man whose memory is inspiring all my work this year.
February brought our first family bowling night. Surprisingly, 18-month-olds really love bowling. And I really love 18-month-olds.
So if you want to keep seeing random Internet prettiness, head over to Freshly Picked. Come here for (maybe sparse) postings of pictures and personal projects. And alliteration!

[photos by me]


  1. Are you really writing at Freshly Picked? The posts are never labeled and I haven't been reading your blog long enough to know if you're joking. :)

    1. I am! No joke. :) I feel a bit like a personality-less drone over there, but it's me. Susan posts every once in a while too, but it's sort of turned into a company blog instead of a personal one.

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