Weekend Report: Festivities

Twas the weekend for decorating gingerbread houses. Ok, I’ll be honest…I’ve never made gingerbread in my life. I use graham crackers and I hot-glue all the pieces together because I hate building structures out of cookies and frosting almost as much as I hate carving pumpkins. And because it’s faster and less frustrating, there’s lot of time and energy left over to be creative. We build office parks, cars, trucks, bungalows, and barns. You know, typical Christmas fare. Though sometimes the barns get attacked by sheep-eating Twizzler monsters if my brother is involved.

annilygreen - twizzler monster

Also, I’m fairly certain that a sleigh would be inadequate for transporting a large amount of toys. My guess is that Santa has a fleet of trucks to do the job.

annilygreen semi

Hopefully they’re more sturdy and less messy than the one I made.

annilygreen semi2

The candy cane exhaust pipe is my favorite part.

Here’s to several more weekends of just enjoying the season and not getting overwhelmed and stressed out by expectations. I might even send out Christmas letters this year for the first time ever. (Don’t hold me to that.)


Chairs for You?


These chairs all have something in common: I love them.

But the thing about the mint green ones (seafoam? they look like the seafoam crayola crayon) is that I have too many of them (more in the other room…yikes). And this poor little dining nook has somehow become home to 9 chairs. It is in no way big enough for 9 chairs.


The time has come for me to sell some. I’m going to ease myself into it by offering up two of the mint green ones, $25 each or 2 for $40.

Email me (annilygreen at gmail dot com) if you can give them a good home.

Weekend Report: FAIL


When Fab.com featured this gorgeous little snowmen set for $25 a while back, I scoffed. I made immediate plans to make my own with craft store supplies for made-in-China prices.

After $20 in supplies and THREE FREAKING HOURS of sanding and grumbling and sanding and grumbling some more, I was thinking, “Oh, PastAnnie, why didn’t you just buy the snowmen??” Major crafting failure, for sure.

Then last night my daughter kicked me. In the boob. This made me sob uncontrollably, and I still feel unreasonably angry about it. So, I think I’ll meet you back here when I’ve calmed down.

Cheering up is welcome. Feel free to leave happy stories of your beautiful weekends in the comments.


I used to write stuff. Before Ultra Vroom died, I wrote a lot, actually, and I liked it that way. I miss it. Now I have nowhere to process things or talk about my kids! Right now my baby giggles like he’s going to burst every time I sing Christmas songs at him (Am I offended? Maybe a little. Am I enamored? Oh yeah.), but I have no platform to write an essay about that (not that I would because, well, that’s the whole story). I suspect this sort of information is what Facebook is for, but I like to be more longwinded than that.

So. Writing on the Internet. I think I need it still. Like when I had a miscarriage, and I told my blog before anyone else, and the comments got me through the day. I think about that sometimes, and I wonder if this blog can handle SeriousRealLifeAnnie or if it’s just for AnnieWhoLikesPrettyStuffAndShowsOffProjects. I suppose that’s up to you guys. So this is me half asking if more words would be ok with you and half telling you that there are going to be more words and I hope that doesn’t make most of you run away.

In other news, it seems that I’m suddenly really into plaid, judging from my latest thrift-store fabric motherload. I can’t explain this.

annilygreen - plaid

Joe Manus Rocks


Well, I was happy….then I found out that this rocking bed exists, and I can’t think about anything other than how much I want to try it. How about we all go in on it, and we can take turns.

Thanks a lot, Joe Manus of Shiner International, for making such beautiful stuff that makes me unsatisfied with my life.

Weekend Report: Christmastime!

We spent the weekend recovering from the excessive amounts of pie we consumed on Thanksgiving and FINALLY being able to decorate for Christmas!  For me that means getting a little too enthusiastic with the lights at the bottom of the tree so I run out by the time I get to the top. It’s not too noticeable, right?

annilygreen - tree

annilygreen - tinsel

For my husband that means going crazy with the nails and making this sweet tinsel piece. And yes, that Santa totally shakes his hips and plays Jingle Bell Rock.

annilygreen - bow

Did you have a happy holiday?  I hope everyone ate way too much.

How to Not Skip Thanksgiving: A Banner

We are working really hard at NOT skipping Thanksgiving around here.  And by that I mean I’m resisting the urge to blast Christmas music. We’re filling the void with lots of sparkle.

annilygreen - dallas brooks turkey

Wanna make your own thank you banner?  Here’s what you do.  Step one, cut out letters from cardstock.  Step two, cover letters with glue and hand them over to a little kid. Step three, let that little kid dump glitter* all over them. Step four, tape letters to string. Step five, clean up glitter…from every nook and cranny in your home…for days…and days.

annilygreen - thanks2