Weekend Report: Festivities

Twas the weekend for decorating gingerbread houses. Ok, I’ll be honest…I’ve never made gingerbread in my life. I use graham crackers and I hot-glue all the pieces together because I hate building structures out of cookies and frosting almost as much as I hate carving pumpkins. And because it’s faster and less frustrating, there’s lot of time and energy left over to be creative. We build office parks, cars, trucks, bungalows, and barns. You know, typical Christmas fare. Though sometimes the barns get attacked by sheep-eating Twizzler monsters if my brother is involved.

annilygreen - twizzler monster

Also, I’m fairly certain that a sleigh would be inadequate for transporting a large amount of toys. My guess is that Santa has a fleet of trucks to do the job.

annilygreen semi

Hopefully they’re more sturdy and less messy than the one I made.

annilygreen semi2

The candy cane exhaust pipe is my favorite part.

Here’s to several more weekends of just enjoying the season and not getting overwhelmed and stressed out by expectations. I might even send out Christmas letters this year for the first time ever. (Don’t hold me to that.)